Templar Ceremonial Cummerbund is a unique belt in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

Background Edit

When a templar takes his vows and enters the service of Andraste, he is presented with a suit of ceremonial armor to be worn when in the presence of the grand cleric. Every piece of the armor is covered in the iconography of blessed Andraste.

The cummerbund is wide, made of interlocking steel plates inlaid with gold, and adorned with two hundred and eight embossed stars along the edging: one for each day Andraste sung to the Maker to deliver her people. The center plate depicts, in bas relief, the burning Sword of Mercy. Beside it is a shield, representing the disciple Havard. On the other side is ring split in half, which symbolizes Maferath. The buckle is formed like a sun, representing the Maker. On the steel inner face of each plate, a line of the Chant of Light is written.

The last is an interesting touch. Concealed artistic flair or an overt cheat sheet at mass?

—An excerpt from The Chantry: An Introspective, by Sister Petrine, Chantry scholar
—From Codex entry: Templar's Ceremonial Cummerbund