For an overview of Templar Armor models in various games, see Templar Armor.

Acquisition Edit

Chestpieces Edit

Light templar chestpieces may be found in the Shady Merchandise at the Docks (daytime) during Acts II and III.

There are two versions of heavy templar armor worn by the Kirkwall Order of Templars in Dragon Age II, and both are obtainable.

The first version of the heavy armor, Templar Armor - Superior Heavy Issue, has no shoulder pauldrons and skirt armor, and is identical to Ser Wesley Vallen's. It is obtainable in a few ways:

  • There is an opportunity to purchase the armor inside the Deep Roads from the merchant Bodahn Feddic. His wares are inside a sack by a pillar on the left-hand side of Hawke's campsite after finding a way past the collapse.
  • It can be found during the Act II quest Offered and Lost near Ser Varnell's refuge. The armor is inside a trapped chest (standard lock) near the center of the map before reaching Ser Varnell.
  • It may also be looted during the quest Dissent.

The second version of the heavy armor, Knight-Templar Regalia, has shoulder pauldrons and skirt armor, similar to what Cullen wears. It may be obtained as a gift from Knight-Commander Meredith at the beginning of Act III. If Hawke sides with Meredith during Orsino's speech, they will receive a letter from Meredith at the estate. Reading the letter will add the armor to the Hawke's inventory.

Helmets Edit

There are two versions of the templar helmet: one with wings on the sides, and another without. The helmet without wings can sometimes be found in the chest during the Offered and Lost quest near Ser Varnell's refuge instead of the Templar Armor - Superior Heavy Issue.

Gloves Edit

The Shady Merchandise at the Docks may have templar gauntlets available during Acts II or III.

Boots Edit

Enemies may sometimes drop templar boots.

All pieces Edit

May be bought from any (warrior) armor stand within the randomly spawned products in the shopkeepers wares. (Check all stands when reloading area with the stand. Example: enter hightown check Olaf's armory go to lowtown check armor shop back in hightown recheck Olaf's armory) (gallows may have higher percentage of templar related pieces being spawned)

Bodahn Edit

Bodahns goods randomly spawns templar armor at specific times. (If desired armor piece is not in his shop reload a recent auto-save and recheck until desired armor comes up.)