With a wave of a hand I could do more than a templar can achieve in a lifetime. Yet they command us? Absurd!

Tarohne is a maleficar hiding in Kirkwall. She hates Meredith and the templars with a passion and plans to bring them down from the inside.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age II.

Tarhone is involved in the quest Enemies Among Us.

After Hawke discovers Tarohne's location from Idunna, Hawke travels to Tarhone's Sanctuary beneath Darktown. After fighting through waves of demons and abominations, Hawke finds one of the templar recruits, Keran trapped in a magical prison. Tarohne and her cohorts enter the chamber and confront Hawke and their companions. Tarohne grows excited that she has more "vessels" for her experiments. Tarohne reveals her plans to turn templar recruits into abominations to cause chaos within the templars' ranks and resurrect the Tevinter Imperium. Hawke is forced to kill Tarohne.

Several years later in 9:34 Dragon, Hawke learns that Tarohne hid several enchanted books containing forbidden knowledge in and around Kirkwall. The tomes are clearly evil, whispering promises of power to those who approach them and ostensibly connected to Xebenkeck, one of The Forbidden Ones.


Light helmet silver DA2 Hood of the Spiral EyeHood of the Spiral Eye
Light helmet
Gold Threaded
Requires: 21 magic
14 willpower

Armor: 43
+11 mana/stamina
+27 attack
(If Hawke is a Mage)
Heavy helmet silver DA2 Helmet of the FallenHelmet of the Fallen
Heavy helmet
Requires: 21 strength
14 constitution

Armor: 50
+11 health
+27 attack
(If Hawke is a Warrior
Medium helmet silver DA2 Last Descent HelmetLast Descent Helmet
Medium helmet
Requires: 21 dexterity
14 cunning

Armor: 46
+2% critical chance
+5% critical damage
(If Hawke is a Rogue)