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I'm Tallis and I work for the Qunari!

Tallis is the title of the first episode of the web series Dragon Age: Redemption.

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In the world of Dragon Age, humans hold power through their church, The Chantry.
The church's warriors, templars, strictly regulate the use of magic as mages are easily corruptabtible by demonic possesion.
The Qunari, a race of formidable "grey giants" forcibly converts humans, dwarves and elves alike to their rigid philosophy, the "Qun".
Disobiedience is never tolerated.
Mages from both cultures often become pawns in the unending conflict between Qunari & Chantry...

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Splr dar
“Victory is in the Qun.” — Tallis
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Tallis athlok

An Athlok

The series takes place sometime between Dragon 9:31 and 9:34, when the Arishok's men resided in Kirkwall.

Prior to the events described in the series, Tallis has failed a task involving retrieving a priceless item from an Orlesian noble. As punishment, she was cast out of Ben-Hassrath and the title of Tallis was taken from her. She was degraded to an Athlok, a worker, and given work at a slaughter house in Kirkwall, where she was for two weeks according to her fellow Athloks.

The Chantry has a secret prison located in the Free Marches where they keep the more dangerous and valuable prisoners who can reveal their secrets to the Chantry. In the prison there is being held Yevven, who holds the secrets of Mask of Fen'Harel. At some point before the series, Yevven shared the cell with other prisoners, including Saarebas, whom he told about the existence of the mask.

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Splr dar
“Victory is in the Qun.” — Tallis
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Chantry Prison

Redemption runes prison
The episode starts at the secret Chantry prison, as Tallis narrates by reciting Qunari Prayers for the Dead in the common tongue. Behind closed doors the Chantry torturers are trying to extract information from a Dalish Keeper by the name of Yevven, but before they are able to, the other prisoners orchestrate an escape. A group of prisoners consisting of a Qunari mage Saarebas and the mercenaries he freed: two warriors, two rogues, and a reaver Nyree break into the torture chamber and kill the torturers. Saarebas then proceeds to ask Yevven whether or not he revealed the secrets about the Dalish artifact, after which he uses magic to extract the secrets from the elf's mind for himself.


Tallis interrupted2

Inside of a Qunari ship docked at Kirkwall's harbour, Tallis is chopping pork. After several racist insults and references to her skills of an assassin being used to slaughter pigs directed in her direction by her fellow human viddathari, she attacks them, demonstrating skills that are unfit for a simple slaughter house worker. However, before she is able to strike, she is interrupted by a Qunari. He informs her that she was made Tallis again and is warned not to fail again. The mission is to capture the escaped Saarebas.

Outside of Kirkwall

Cairn and tallis

Cairn and Tallis

Tallis begins her hunt for the rogue mage. Outside of Kirkwall she tracks down one of the prisoners, Rukk [1] who escaped the prison with the saarebas. Hiding in the trees, she spots the bandit attacking a merchant by the name of Tinker. She catches up to Rukk and prevents him from striking the merchant. However, as she does so, she spots a templar, Cairn who explains that he means to arrest the fugitive. Not willing to give up her lead on the saarebas, Tallis manages to leave the templar behind to ask Rukk about the whereabouts of the mage. He reveals to her that the mage is looking for a Dalish camp. Before Cairn catches up to her, she slits Rukk's throat, preventing Cairn from interrogating the fugitive.

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  • Tallis references Andraste as a god, and Rukk agrees, whereas in fact Andraste was merely a prophet and the founder of the Chantry's beliefs.

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