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Traps Edit

How do you get past the traps? Everytime I approach them I get knocked back and injured, and the other door cannot be opened.

->My strategy consists of running at them repeatedly in the hopes that I get through eventually. Aim for the left side of the room when attempting to get past the first set of traps since there is a little area you can wait at without getting flung back. After making it to this area then run past the rest of the traps. Personally I think the inclusion of traps like this is another "fixing what isn't broken" moment for Bioware. I played as a rogue just so I could avoid dealing with this kind of stupid shit.

->With the rotating blades, to save time with the hit and miss method, look for the blades that are moving away from you, and when they are moving, follow them down, then obviously just wait for the spears to go down to cross them. For the other set of blades, you can get past the most part of these by going down the right hand side near the first crate, and then just waiting for them to be down and cutting across the corner :) worked for me.