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For talents in Dragon Age II, see Talents (Dragon Age II).

Talents are unique selectable abilities that warriors and rogues can use. Mages do not use talents and have access to spells instead. The Warden receives one free talent based on their origin, two at character generation and one talent per level, as well as two or three in total after storyline events. Both rogues and warriors receive points after the Joining Ritual and after the Landsmeet, while warriors gain a point after reviving Arl Eamon at the end of The Urn of Sacred Ashes quest (rogues instead gain a skill point). Activated talents have special animations that distinguish them from standard attacks.

Types of talents Edit

Activated Edit

The character executes a special attack or action (e.g. bashing your shield into the opponent, sending them flying).

Passive Edit

A permanent bonus, change in game mechanics, or upgrade to an existing ability (e.g. adding a chance of stun to all two-handed attacks).

Sustained Edit

While activated, the Warden character gains some bonuses or some game mechanics will change (e.g. using your shield to increase your cover vs. missiles).

Important note for power playing: activating a sustained ability will only cost mana/stamina if the mana pool is full. Knowing this allows you to use mana first, and then 'reserve' the empty bit of mana pool for sustained abilities. see tactics to take full advantage of this.

Note: It is possible to stack some sustained talents as long as there is at least 1 remaining point in the stamina pool. But if the player uses all the points or an attack drains all the stamina, then the talents are deactivated and you have to wait until they cool down before you can use them again.

Talent threat bug Edit

See also: Talent Threat Bug Testing Info

Many talents should generate threat on hit/activation. In addition to the threat number found in talent mechanics description (multiply by 10 to get the actual threat value), any damage dealt by the talent should generate additional threat. This additional threat is based on the damage amount in relation to an enemy's maximum health. E. g., dealing 50 damage to an enemy with 100 hit points should generate 50 points of threat -- in other words, the formula is 100 * (damage/enemy health at fully healed hitpoints). However, as of patch 1.02, no activated talent, except Taunt (with or without Frightening Appearance passive bonus) and Threaten, will generate any additional threat. The root of the problem is the AI_Threat_UpdateAbilityImpact() function, that gets properly invoked for spells, but not for talents. The additional threat info is left intact in the specific talent mechanics descriptions.

Class specific talents Edit

Rogue Edit

Talent-DirtyFighting icon Dirty Fighting Talent-CombatMovement icon Combat Movement Talent-CoupDeGrace icon Coup De Grace Talent-FeignDeath icon Feign Death
Talent-BelowTheBelt icon Below the Belt Talent-DeadlyStrike icon Deadly Strike Talent-Lethality icon Lethality Talent-Evasion icon Evasion
Skl ico lockpicking Deft Hands Skl ico lockpicking 2 Improved Tools Skl ico lockpicking 3 Mechanical Expertise Skl ico lockpicking 4 Device Mastery
Skl ico stealth 1 Stealth Skl ico stealth 2 Stealthy Item Use Skl ico stealth 3 Combat Stealth Skl ico stealth 4 Master Stealth
Heartseeker icon Heartseeker Talent ghost icon Ghost Talent weak points icon Weak Points Talent flicker icon Flicker

Warrior Edit

Talent-Powerful icon Powerful Talent-Threaten icon Threaten Talent-Bravery icon Bravery Talent-DeathBlow icon Death Blow
Talent-PreciseStriking icon Precise Striking Talent-Taunt icon Taunt Talent-Disengage icon Disengage Talent-PerfectStriking icon Perfect Striking
Talent second wind icon Second Wind Talent peons plight icon Peon's Plight Talent grievous insult icon Grievous Insult Talent massacre icon Massacre

More class specific talents can be found on their respective specialization pages.

Weapon talents Edit

Dual Weapon Edit

Talent dw dwtraining Dual-Weapon Training Talent dw finesse Dual-Weapon Finesse Talent dw expert Dual-Weapon Expert Talent dw mastery Dual-Weapon Mastery
Talent dw dualstriking Dual Striking Talent dw riposte Riposte Talent dw cripple Cripple Talent dw punisher Punisher
Talent dw sweep Dual-Weapon Sweep Talent dw flurry Flurry Talent dw momentum Momentum Talent dw whirlwind Whirlwind
Talent twin strikes icon Twin Strikes Talent find vitals icon Find Vitals Talent low blow icon Low Blow Unending flurry icon Unending Flurry

Archery Edit

Talent arch meleearcher Melee Archer Talent arch aim Aim Talent arch defensivefire Defensive Fire Talent arch masterarcher Master Archer
Talent arch pinningshot Pinning Shot Talent arch cripplingshot Crippling Shot Talent arch criticalshot Critical Shot Talent arch arrowofslaying Arrow of Slaying
Talent arch rapidshot Rapid Shot Talent arch shatteringshot Shattering Shot Talent arch suppressingfire Suppressing Fire Talent arch scattershot Scattershot
Accuracy Accuracy Talent arrow time icon Arrow Time Talent burst shot icon Burst Shot Talent rain of arrows icon Rain of Arrows

Weapon and Shield Edit

Talent wns shieldbash Shield Bash Talent wns shieldpummel Shield Pummel Talent wns overpower Overpower Talent wns assault Assault
Talent wns shielddefense Shield Defense Talent wns shieldbalance Shield Balance Talent wns shieldwall Shield Wall Talent wns shieldexpertise Shield Expertise
Talent wns shieldblock Shield Block Talent wns shieldcover Shield Cover Talent wns shieldtactics Shield Tactics Talent wns shieldmastery Shield Mastery
Talent juggernaut icon Juggernaut Talent carapace icon Carapace Talent air of insolence icon Air of Insolence Bulwark of the Ages Bulwark of the Ages

Two-Handed Edit

Talent 2h pommelstrike Pommel Strike Talent 2h indomitable Indomitable Talent 2h stunningblows Stunning Blows Talent 2h criticalstrike Critical Strike
Talent 2h sunderarms Sunder Arms Talent 2h shatteringblows Shattering Blows Talent 2h sunderarmor Sunder Armor Talent 2h destroyer Destroyer
Talent 2h mightyblow Mighty Blow Talent 2h powerfulswings Powerful Swings Talent 2h 2hstrength Two-Handed Strength Talent 2h 2hsweep Two-Handed Sweep
Talent sweeping strike icon Sweeping Strike Talent two-handed impact icon Two-Handed Impact Talent onslaught icon Onslaught Talent reaving storm icon Reaving Storm

Rogue specializations Edit

Class talents accessible to specializations.

Assassin Talent-MarkofDeath icon Mark of Death Talent-ExploitWeakness icon Exploit Weakness Talent-Lacerate icon Lacerate Talent-FeastoftheFallen icon Feast of the Fallen
Bard Talent-SongOfValor icon Song of Valor Talent-Distraction icon Distraction Talent-SongOfCourage icon Song of Courage Talent-CaptivatingSong icon Captivating Song
Duelist Talent-Dueling icon Dueling Talent-UpsetBalance icon Upset Balance Talent-KeenDefense icon Keen Defense Talent-PinpointStrike icon Pinpoint Strike
Ranger Talent-SummonWolf icon Summon Wolf Talent-SummonBear icon Summon Bear Talent-SummonSpider icon Summon Spider Talent-MasterRanger icon Master Ranger
Legionnaire Scout* Markofthe s Mark of the Legion StrengthOfStone Strength of Stone EndureHardship Endure Hardship BlessingOfTheAncestors Blessing of the Ancestors
Shadow* Shadow form icon Shadow Form Decoy Decoy ShadowStriking Shadow Striking Pandemonium icon Pandemonium

*Only available in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

Warrior specializations Edit

Class talents accessible to specializations.

Berserker Talent-Berserk icon Berserk Talent-Resilience icon Resilience Talent-Constraint icon Constraint Talent-FinalBlow icon Final Blow
Reaver Reaverdevour Devour Reaverfrighteningappearance Frightening Appearance Aura of Pain Aura of Pain Classico reaver Blood Frenzy
Templar Talent-RighteousStrike icon Righteous Strike Talent-CleanseArea icon Cleanse Area Talent-MentalFortress icon Mental Fortress Talent-HolySmite icon Holy Smite
Champion Talent-WarCry icon War Cry Talent-Rally icon Rally Talent-Motivate icon Motivate Talent-Superiority icon Superiority
Guardian* Guardians-shield Guardian's Shield Fortifying-presence Fortifying Presence Master-guardian Master Guardian Aura-of-the-stalwart-defender Aura of the Stalwart Defender
Spirit Warrior* Beyond-the-veil icon Beyond the Veil Soulbrand Soulbrand Fade-burst icon Fade Burst Blessing-of-the-fade Blessing of the Fade

*Only available in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Other talents Edit

Racial abilities Edit

Talent-DwarvenResistance icon Dwarven Resistance — only available to dwarven characters
Talent-SummonWolf icon Summon Bronto — only available to Jerrik Dace

Dog talents Edit

Growl Growl Dread Howl Dread Howl Combat Training Combat Training Overwhelm Overwhelm
Fortitude Fortitude Charge Charge Shred Shred Nemesis dog icon Nemesis

Shale Talents Edit

Pulverizing Blows Pulverizing Blows Slam Slam Talent-Quake icon Quake Talent-KillingBlow icon Killing Blow
Stoneheart Stoneheart Bellow Bellow Stone Roar Stone Roar Regenerating Burst Regenerating Burst
Rock Mastery Rock Mastery Hurl Rock Hurl Rock Earthen Grasp Earthen Grasp Rock Barrage Rock Barrage
Stone Aura Stone Aura Inner Reserves Inner Reserves Renewed Assault Renewed Assault Supernatural Resilience Supernatural Resilience

Snug talents Edit

Charge (bronto) Charge

Bear talents Edit

SlamAbilityBear Slam RageAbilityBear Rage

Spider talents Edit

Web Web Poison Spit Poison Spit

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