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Heraldry is a system of blazoning arms onto shields and armor to ascertain the allegiance of the bearer. The soldiers of the noble families of Ferelden oftentimes carry shields with the heraldry of the family of which they serve. The dwarves of Orzammar also occasionally wield shields with the heraldry of the noble house they are affiliated to. The Dalish clans also use heraldries which belonged to the noble elven families of the Dales since they consider themselves as their descendants.

In Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, the party can purchase and apply a shield heraldry to their equipment for cosmetic customization and attribute bonuses. All heraldries provide +3 to all attributes, except the Legion of the Dead Heraldry which erroneously provides +20 to all attributes.

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  • Some heraldries in Dragon Age II do not appear in the game (or related media) despite being present in the game files. They are assumed to be cut content.

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