Donal Sutherland is found on the second floor of the Herald's Rest tavern in Skyhold. He is there on the Inquisitor's first visit to the tavern (turn right at the top of the stairs).

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

Sutherland comes to the Inquisition having witnessed bandits stalking its patrols. He warns the Inquisitor of the danger and offers to help. Through the war table operation New to the Crew: A Young Hopeful, the Inquisitor can accept that help or simply use Sutherland's information to stop the bandits with their own forces.

After the completion of his first successful mission, Sutherland recruits an elven mage named Voth to join him. At this point, the Inquisitor can encourage Sutherland to continue his training or advise him to leave. After successful completion of A Patrol for the Crew, Shayd, a human archer, will join up. Rat, the company's squire will also join, presumably after A Crew of Ambassadors, but will not appear until after A Crew of Adventurers, when she returns to Skyhold alone to inform the Inquisitor of Sutherland and Company Missing.

If all eight operations are completed successfully, Sutherland will offer to pay back the Inquisitor for money and training invested in them.

After the finale, the Inquisitor can interact with Sutherland one last time, and he informs the Inquisitor the company has plans to leave and find a keep of their own, though they will remain "an adventuring company of the Inquisition".

Sometime over the course of the mission, Sutherland and Shayd start a romantic relationship.

Dragon Age: Magekiller Edit

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"The problem with magic, is that it cheats." — Tessa Forsythia
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When Corypheus reopens the Breach over Haven, Sutherland's adventuring company, alongside Marius and Tessa Forsythia, is sent to clear a route up to the ruins of the temple to provide the Inquisitor with reinforcements. In the caves under the temple, they face various demons, including a massive Pride demon. When Shayd jumps on the demon's back, Tessa pushes her away and takes a shock meant for her. Though Tessa is injured, Marius and the company eventually defeat the demon and clear the passage. Sutherland's company escapes mostly unscathed.
Sutherland Company MK

Sutherland & Company

Quests Edit

To obtain each quest, Sutherland must be spoken to in the tavern.

Quest icon DAI New to the Crew: A Young Hopeful (Part I)
Quest icon DAI A Patrol for the Crew (Part II)
Quest icon DAI Outfitting the Crew (Part III)
Quest icon DAI A Test of Mettle and the Crew (Part IV)
Quest icon DAI A Crew of Ambassadors (Part V)
Quest icon DAI A Crew of Adventurers (Part VI)
Quest icon DAI Sutherland and Company Missing (Part VII)
Quest icon DAI Sutherland and Company Missing
Quest icon DAI A Company of Heroes (Part VIII)