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For the non-crafted standard version, see Skirmisher Hat.
For the crafted standard version, see Skirmisher Hat Schematic.

Superior Skirmisher Hat Schematic is a tier 3 helmet schematic in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

See also Edit

Mask of Valmont icon Skirmisher HatSkirmisher Hat
Rare Helmet
Requires: Level 17

Armor: 34-36
+8% Magic Defense
+8% Ranged Defense
- a rare helmet
Helm-Schematic-icon2 Skirmisher Hat SchematicSkirmisher Hat Schematic
Helmet Schematic

Armor: 19–24–29–37
Armor: 4 Metal
Utility: 8 Leather
- a tier 3 helmet schematic

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