Sunbaked Canyon is the location of a random encounter in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Enemies Edit

Sunbaked Canyon Map

Sunbaked Canyon

Notable items Edit

Ico greatsword DragonbrandDragonbrand
Volcanic Aurum (Tier 9)
Requires: 46 strength

Damage: 19.80
Critical chance: 2.70%
Armor penetration: 7.50
Strength modifier: 1.10
Rune slot Rune slot Rune slot
+5 constitution
+1.5 armor penetration
+1/+2 stamina regeneration in combat
+10 attack
+20 damage vs. dragons
Plt ico old scroll Diary PageDiary Page
"I have finally tracked down the wyrmslayer, Dragonbrand. The creature that slew my family will see vengeance!"

Objects Edit

  • Dragon-Hunter corpse

Exits Edit

Ico World Map World map

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Bugs Edit

Bug icon Bug! The random encounter for this sword occurs on the way from the Wending Wood to Amaranthine. However, many random encounters in Awakening are not working properly so it may not occur even after attempting it multiple times.