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Strange Bedfellows is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A scout on duty is worried something's happened to a fellow scout named Ritts, who was tasked with investigating apostates in the area.

Acquisition Edit

Find the worried scout just north of Dwarfson's Pass Camp in the Hinterlands to begin the quest.

Walkthrough Edit

Ritts can be found in the Winterwatch Tower area. Follow the path southeast to the tower, up the stairs and across the bridge. Ritts will be to the left, near the end of the hill, being attacked by two templars. Kill the templars to rescue her.

Once rescued, the quest can be completed by informing the worried scout. Before leaving, search the box and the dead mage and then speak to Ritts, who will finally admit the real reason she's there.

Ritts: So, the truth... I may have been, um, passing time with Eldredda.
  • I think I understand.
DAIApproval Sera Slightly Approves
  • Having fun, were you?
DAIApproval Sera Slightly Approves

DAIApproval Iron Bull Slightly Approves
  • This is a travesty.
Strange Bedfellows - Ritts fighting templars

Ritts fighting the templars

DAIApproval Cassandra Slightly Approves

DAIApproval Iron Bull Slightly Approves

DAIApproval Sera Slightly Disapproves

You will have a couple of options to recruit Ritts as an agent for the Inquisition:

  • (Special) Varric?
DAIApproval Varric Slightly Approves
  • (Underworld Knowledge) or (dwarf Inquisitor) No. You have potential.
DAIApproval Cassandra Slightly Approves

DAIApproval Iron Bull Approves
Note: You can travel to the nearest camp to get Varric, but do NOT turn in the quest yet, as Ritts will disappear after that, whether she's been recruited or not.

Rewards Edit

Completing the quest yields

  • 177 XP
  • 80 Influence
  • 1 Power

(Optional) Recruiting Witty Ritts for Leliana (Secrets) yields

  • 50 Influence
  • 1 Power

Notes Edit

  • The party can encounter, help and recruit Ritts before accepting the quest from the worried scout. If done this way, you will be able to tell the worried scout that she's been rescued, and the quest completes immediately.

Bugs Edit

  • pcIcon pc It is possible to find Ritts and her attackers already at 1 HP, causing Ritts to be killed nearly immediately. In this case, it may be helpful to have a mage lead the party and cast Barrier on Ritts as soon as she is in sight.

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