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Stone golem is the most common variety of golems.

Background Edit

Stone golems were manufactured by Paragon Caridin on the Anvil of the Void. However, after their disappearance, golems were no longer made and thus they are more valued than any quantity of gold.[1] Unlike their steel counterparts which are forged from finely tempered steel, Stone golems are made from more readily available slabs of rock. They cannot use the lightning attack that steel golems have.

Despite their rarity some Stone golems can still be found throughout Thedas, most commonly in abandoned thaigs. Few can also be found in the hands of individuals on the surface such as Wilhelm of Honnleath, Xenon the Antiquarian and Duke Prosper de Montfort.

Notable stone golems Edit

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. Codex entry: Golem

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