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Well, they weren't here to defend it! It's not stealing if they've abandoned it!

Steafan is a prisoner in Kal'Hirol.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.
Steafan in the cell

Steafan in a cell in Kal'Hirol

Steafan came to Kal'Hirol in search of treasure, however he was caught by the darkspawn and the Warden-Commander can find him in a cage with darkspawn all around. After dealing with them the Warden can talk to Steafan. He is terrified and a bit jumpy, but otherwise unharmed. At least that's what he claims. When asked if he has the taint, he becomes extremely nervous, and denies it. It is never revealed if he does or doesn't have the taint.

You can release him and he will give you a Masterpiece Flame Rune or Grandmaster Flame Rune and you can meet up with him in the City of Amaranthine, kill him (losing influence with Nathaniel, Justice, and Sigrun Disapproves (-5) ), or leave him to rot in the cage (no loss of influence.)

Another option exists which is to make the deal with Steafan, then leave him to rot after you've received a Masterpiece Flame Rune losing no influence with any party member. Killing him after accepting the deal will result in a loss of influence with some party members (the same or worse than that listed above.)

If you meet up with him in Amaranthine and ask him about the taint, he will run away quickly.

Rewards Edit

  • 500 XP, if you accepted Steafan's deal and received the rune
Ru masterpiece flame Masterpiece Flame RuneMasterpiece Flame Rune
Weapon Rune
This lyrium rune is the ancient Tevinter symbol for Toth, god of fire.

+6 Fire Damage

- or -

Ru flame grandmaster Grandmaster Flame RuneGrandmaster Flame Rune
Weapon Rune
This lyrium rune is the ancient Tevinter symbol for Toth, god of fire.

+5 Fire Damage
Note: You will get no XP if you release or kill him before getting the rune.

Bugs Edit

pcIcon pcps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360 Choosing the option "sounds like a deal" then "All right. Now you can rot in this cell." earns two Masterpiece Flame Rune instead of one, and double XP.