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Spindleweed (screenshot)
Crafting resource

Spindleweed is a crafting resource in Dragon Age II. It is used to craft potions.

Uses Edit

Elixir of Purity Elixir of PurityElixir of Purity
This potion temporarily transforms the user into an avowed hunter of evil.

Damage +10% vs. darkspawn
Duration: 30 minutes
Cooldown: 300s

Mighty Offense Potion Mighty Offense PotionMighty Offense Potion
This potion surgers through the user's muscles and mind, heightening combat prowess for a time. This effect is not compatible with a Rock Armor Potion.

Damage: +10%
Duration: 30 minutes
Cooldown: 300s

Maker's Sigh Life Ward PotionLife Ward Potion
This brew protects whoever consumes it from falling in combat. If the user's health falls to nothing, the life ward triggers and heals the protectee, who still suffers an injury as if he or she had fallen and been revived. The ward evaporates after triggering once.

Health regeneration: 40% when ward is triggered
Injuries: +1 when ward is triggered
Duration: 20 minutes
Cooldown: 300s

Restoration Potion Restoration PotionRestoration Potion
This long drink of vitality and energy rejuvenates even the most flagging body. Health regeneration: 80%
Mana/stamina regeneration: 40%
Cooldown: 30s

Elixir Elixir of HeroismElixir of Heroism
This rare potion appears to age whoever consumes it... but with age comes wisdom.

Level: +1 for all party members
Cooldown: 300s

Acquisition Edit

  • Act 2:
    • 1 in the Gallows Dungeon during Dissent, through the door on the left at the entrance
    • 1 in Lowtown, Daytime, in the dead end behind the armor merchant
  • Act 3:
    • 1 in Lowtown, Daytime, next to the stairs in the Foundry District

Notes Edit

Bug icon Bug! An additional Spindleweed may be available during Act 2 and Act 3 even if you have collected them all. It is advised to ignore the crafting resource as buying it may glitch the Supplier achievement. (Tested on Xbox, the achievement seems to operate on a crafting resource counter. When the Spindleweed was purchased from the Black Emporium the achievement unlocked with one actual in-game crafting resource remaining.)

Background Edit

It is an old country saying that spindleweed grows best for the sorrowful. Verdant spindleweed in a household's garden has often brought neighbors offering consolation, usually without even asking what might be wrong.

This originates from the plant's use as a seasoning for dishes meant to speed the recovery of the infirm. A person who grows much of it is likely caring for the fatally ill.

—An excerpt from The Botanical Compendium, by Ines Arancia, Botanist
—From Codex entry: Spindleweed

See also Edit

Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: Spindleweed

References Edit

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