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For specializations in Dragon Age: Origins, see Specializations (Origins).
For specializations in Dragon Age II, see Specializations (Dragon Age II).
Wynne using the Vessel of the Spirit unique specialization.

Specializations are sub-class choices that further define and customize characters in the Dragon Age series. They open access to new talents based upon the character's base class (Warrior, Mage or Rogue).

In Dragon Age: Origins, specializations must be unlocked. Each companion has one specialization when recruited, with one slot free for a second specialization. Their starting specialization can be taught to the Warden and their companions.

In Dragon Age II, specialization points are granted at every seventh level (7, 14, 21). Each companion has one exclusive specialization, which cannot be passed on to others. Companions are unable to learn an extra specialization.

Origins specializations

Classico arcanewarrior
Arcane Warrior, Mage
Classico assassin
Assassin, Rogue
Classico bard
Bard, Rogue
Classico berserker
Berserker, Warrior
Classico bloodmage
Blood Mage, Mage
Classico champion
Champion, Warrior
Classico duelist
Duelist, Rogue
Classico ranger
Ranger, Rogue
Classico reaver
Reaver, Warrior
Icon shapeshifter
Shapeshifter, Mage
Classico spirithealer
Spirit Healer, Mage
Templar, Warrior

Awakening specializations

Battle mage icon
Battlemage, Mage
Classico guardian
Guardian, Warrior
Classico Keeper
Keeper, Mage
Classico LegionScout
Legionnaire Scout, Rogue
Shadow icon
Shadow, Rogue
Spirit-warrior icon
Spirit Warrior, Warrior

Dragon Age II specializations

Rogue assassin
Assassin, Rogue
Berserker DA2
Berserker, Warrior
Blood Mage, Mage
Rogue duelist
Duelist, Rogue
Force Mage, Mage
Reaver, Warrior
Templar DA2
Templar, Warrior
Rogue shadow
Shadow, Rogue
Spirit Healer DA2
Spirit Healer, Mage

Companion specific

Dalish Pariah
Dalish Pariah, Merrill
Guardian DA2
Guardian, Aveline Vallen
Marksman, Varric
Royal Archer
Royal Archer, Sebastian
Swashbuckler, Isabela
Tevinter Fugitive
Tevinter Fugitive, Fenris
Vengeance, Anders
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