Something to Prove is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Valorin was searching for Lindiranae's talisman, a lost Dalish artifact of particular importance to Hawen's clan. Valorin's journal mentions ruins on the plains where the talisman may be found.

Acquisition Edit

Triggers when you find Valorin and his effects as per the quest, Someone to Lose.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Find Lindiranae's talisman in the Shrine of Sylaise on a corpse behind a spirit barrier (requires a mage in your party).
  • Return the talisman to Emalien at the Dalish Camp to complete the quest.


Completing the quest yields:

Notable items Edit

  • Lindiranae's talisman (this is a quest item only not a valuable).
  • Ancient Elven Robes icon Ancient Elven RobesAncient Elven Robes
    Unique Light Armor
    It is difficult to tell what material these Elven robes are made from. If anything, they seem to be formed from some kind of lyrium or other magical substance, held together over the long ages by means long-since forgotten.
    Requires: Level 8

    Armor: 117–123
    +3 Magic
    +2% Magic Defense
    +3% Spirit Defense
    +10% Focus Gain
    looted from Lindiranae's corpse
  • Unique ring icon Ring of DoubtRing of Doubt
    Unique Ring
    A young Tevinter magister forced into an arranged marriage enchanted this, his wedding ring, with the power of invisibility.

    +20% Flanking damage
    Enter stealth when not attacking during combat
    You are a deadly threat to an enemy that can't see you coming. When you attack from stealth, you automatically critical hit.
    looted from Lindiranae's corpse (requires Patch 10)

Bugs Edit

  • There is a glitch in the Shrine of Sylaise too, If you go to the area where the spirit barrier is/was, jumping on to the statue and off near the left wall, it will glitch and you will have to fight two guardsmen each time, fight them, they will leave different items each time, like the 1-2 Ancient Writings and 5 Orlesian Tome.
  • Like with the Inquisition version of the Black Emporium, it is possible for wildlife to get stuck half in the door:

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