For the crafted version, see Solid Longbow Grip Schematic.

Solid Longbow Grip is a common grip weapon upgrade in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

  • Random loot.

Available at the following merchants:

Can be found in the following weapons:

  • Balanced Winged Longbow Icon Balanced Winged LongbowBalanced Winged Longbow
    Common Bow
    Requires: Level 14

    Damage: 94–98
    +11 Dexterity
  • Dhal-Vallasan-bow-icon Dhal VallasanDhal Vallasan
    Unique Bow
    The fabled elven smith Tanaleth of Halamshiral once made bows for the Fade Hunters, those Emerald Knights tasked with protecting the Dalish kingdom from maleficarum and demons.
    Requires: Level 20

    Damage: 162-168
    +16 Cold Damage
    +8% Attack
    +14% Barrier Damage Bonus
    +11 Cunning
    +16 Dexterity
  • FereldanOfficerLongbowIcon Enchanted SunbowEnchanted Sunbow
    Rare Bow
    Requires: Level 13

    Damage: 100-104
    +10 Fire Damage
    +6% Critical Chance
    +18% Guard Damage Bonus
  • Spiked Longbow Icon Spiked LongbowSpiked Longbow
    Common Bow
    Requires: Level 16

    Damage: 106–110
    +11% Attack
  • Spiked Longbow Icon SunbowSunbow
    Common Bow
    Requires: Level 17

    Damage: 111–116
    +16% Critical Chance
  • DAI-Common-Longbow-Icon Templar LongbowTemplar Longbow
    Common Bow
    Requires: Level 18

    Damage: 118–122
    +27% Armor Penetration