May the path bestow the favor thou hast earned. ―Wall carving

Solasan is an ancient elven temple located in the Forbidden Oasis region of the Western Approach in Orlais. The entrance to the Temple and passageways within can only be opened using the shards revealed by the Ocularum.

In the main chamber are three doors, also locked by shards, one for fire, cold and the other spirit. Approaching these doors unlocks the quests below, which are completed upon opening the doors and following the specific path to its end.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI The Cold Endured
Quest icon DAI The Fire Captured
Quest icon DAI A Prideful Place
Quest icon DAI The Spirit Calmed
Quest icon DAI The Temple of Pride

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Elven artifacts Edit

  • On the lower level of the Main Chamber.

Veilfire glyphs Edit

Text ico Ancient Writing - This glyph can be revealed by Veilfire in the Main Chamber.
Note: It is not included in the Codex.

Loot Edit

Agony icon AgonyAgony
Unique Dagger
After his cousin, Queen Madrigal, died in the Exalted Age, young King Semion grew into a paranoid recluse. He built Velabanchel, filling the prison fortress with anyone who displeased him - with this dagger part of his "questioning." The blade disappeared after he had died in a fire, though rumor says it passed to the Antivan Crow who killed him.
Requires: Level 17

Damage: 124–128
+3% Attack
+3% Critical Chance
+31% Critical Damage Bonus
10% chance to inflict Chain Lightning damage at 50% weapon power
- During A Prideful Place quest.
Arishoks Vitaar icon Arishok's VitaarArishok's Vitaar
Unique Vitaar
According to stories out of Kirkwall, the military leader of the Qunari spent a number of years marooned in the Free Marches city of Kirkwall – without once receiving supplies from his people or calling for help. Why he did so, and how the Qunari got along without an arishok, is unkown. The Qunari in Kirkwall did, however, have to trade considerable supplies from their sunken ship... including the Arishok's personal face paint, created from a rare and venomous snake in Par Vollen known to kill a person in seconds.
Requires: Level 20

Damage: 19
+8% Attack
+4% Critical Chance
+4 Willpower
- During A Prideful Place quest.
Master Fire Rune icon Master Fire RuneMaster Fire Rune
Adds fire damage to each weapon strike

+16 Fire Damage
- During The Fire Captured quest.
Master Spirit Rune icon Master Spirit RuneMaster Spirit Rune
Adds spirit damage to each weapon strike.

+16 Spirit Damage
- During The Spirit Calmed quest.
Unique belt icon Superb Belt of Cold ResistanceSuperb Belt of Cold Resistance
Unique Belt

+30% Cold Resistance
- During The Cold Endured quest.
Unique belt icon Superb Belt of Electric ResistanceSuperb Belt of Electric Resistance
Unique Belt

+30% Electrical Resistance
- During A Prideful Place quest.
Unique belt icon Superb Belt of Fire ResistanceSuperb Belt of Fire Resistance
Unique Belt

+30% Fire Resistance
- During The Fire Captured quest.
Unique belt icon Superb Belt of Spirit ResistanceSuperb Belt of Spirit Resistance
Unique Belt

+30% Spirit Resistance
- During The Spirit Calmed quest.

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Tracing from Temple Doors

Other texts Edit

Text ico Ancient Writing
Text ico Inscription in the Oasis Temple

Notes Edit

  • Solasan is Elvish and means "a place of pride" or "a prideful place."

Bugs Edit

  • pcIcon pc The Inscription in the Oasis Temple may keep popping up whenever Solas is joining or leaving the active party members. This may appear in any locations.
  • pcIcon pc The fire, ice and spirit mines may continue to spawn long after the combat is over in each room.

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