Snowball is a giant spider that is all white. It spawns with 2-4 poison Poisonous spiders, when it emerges from the shallow water in the cave beneath Caer Bronach.

The cave is accessible by either:

  • Climbing down two ladders in a room left of the "Craft weapons" station once Caer Bronach has been captured.
  • Entering through the Rusted Gate (shown as a cave icon on the map, north-west of Caer Bronach).

Involvement Edit

Snowball cannot be reached until after the Inquisitor has successfully captured Caer Bronach for use by the Inquisition.

Loot Edit

Healing Mist recipe icon Healing Mist Grenade RecipeHealing Mist Grenade Recipe
Allies in the area of effect are instantly healed by a moderate amount.

DAI gem1 AmberAmber

Snowball HoDA

Snowball in Heroes of Dragon Age