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Sloth is the powerful demon who takes the Warden into the Fade.


It may seem somewhat counterintuitive that a sloth demon was controlling the whole region of Fade, as sloth demons are generally considered to be some of the most primitive. However, the classification is based merely on the type of emotion through which a demon attempts to lure souls into its realm. Simply choosing to "specialize" in being a demon of pride or desire does not by itself make a demon more powerful, unless it can successfully create illusions that would attract souls for it to feed upon. Thus, it can be speculated that an "efficient" sloth demon can in fact become more powerful than one of desire that fails to be sufficiently desirable.


When the party first meets him in the real world, (where he is a sloth abomination) he puts them to sleep and traps them in his own domain. After the Warden "wakes", he or she is in his own tailor-made "Island", where Duncan comes to tell the Warden that the darkspawn were defeated. The Warden sees through this disguise however and proceeds to help others escape from the dreams in which Sloth has trapped them. Sometimes Sloth traps people in situations that are pleasurable, and other times he traps them in a nightmare.

When Sloth is confronted, he swears he'll try harder to make their personal islands perfect, but the Warden refuses and slays him.

See The Fade: Lost in Dreams for tips on how to defeat it.


As the Sloth was feeding off those he held captive, and his part of the Fade did likewise, once the Sloth was slain the whole place fades, and the Warden and his allies wake back in the Circle Tower.


  • "Oh, look. Visitors. I'd entertain you, but... too much effort involved."
  • "If you go back quietly, I'll do better this time. I'll make you much happier."
  • "I made you happy and safe. I gave you peace. I did my best for you, and you say you want to leave? Can't you think about someone other than yourself? I'm hurt, so very, very hurt."
  • "You wish to battle me? So be it. You will learn to bow to your betters, mortal."
  • (last words) No more games! Face me, and DIE!"

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