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Slay the Healer is a side quest in The Darkspawn Chronicles DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. It is a part of the main quest Massacre in the Market.

Walkthrough Edit

Once you prevent Wade and Herren from re-arming the citizenry this quest will trigger. Wynne will emerge from the entrance to the Denerim Alienage. You must kill Wynne to complete this quest, but she will be flanked by Knight-Commander Greagoir and Cullen. Additional Templars will continue to come through the gate to assist her as long as she lives. Killing Wynne first will make eliminating the remaining Templars much easier as she will heal them as long as she lives. Once Wynne and all Templars are dead, the final quest in this section, Rampage to the Alienage, will trigger.

Rewards Edit

Ico ring Spirit BandSpirit Band
This ring feels as light as air.

+5 willpower
-20% fatigue
- Found on Wynne.

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