Sifting Through Rubble is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition

A fisherman was near Judicael's Crossing when the red templars brought the bridge down. He thought he saw something glimmering in the rubble, but was too scared to investigate, worried the red templars might spot him.

Acquisition Edit

Obtained by finding the Fisherman's Letter (see gallery) in a damaged house west of Tower Camp.

Walkthrough Edit

Cross Judicael's Crossing and use the Search function to locate the glimmering object. You must have completed the war table scouting operation Restore Judicael's Crossing in order to access the quest location.

Rewards Edit

  • 331 XP
  • 150 Influence
Common Amulet Icon 1 Superb Lifeward AmuletSuperb Lifeward Amulet
Common Amulet
When a blow is about to drop a character's health below 0, the amulet shatters and heals the character for the specified amount.

+500 Lifeward Heal
(without Trespasser DLC)
Unique amulet icon Amulet of Death SyphonAmulet of Death Syphon
Unique Amulet

Every time an enemy dies nearby, the wearer of this amulet gains health and stamina.
(with Trespasser DLC).

Gallery Edit