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This page contains a list of situational dialogue and conversations Sidony has with other characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer.

Sidony's remarks Edit

  • (Revived) Let us never speak of this again.
  • (Revived) Thank you… I suppose.
  • (Revived) You’re useful after all.
  • (Fallen) Maker’s breath.
  • (Low health) I'm in trouble.
  • (Fallen) As much as I hate to bother anyone, I think I'm dying.
  • (Upon seeing treasure room) Yes, I’ll admit… that’s great. 
  • (Entering new zone) Plan or no plan, if you die, I get your corpse. 
  • (Upon completing an event) Fine. Done. Can we go now? 
  • (Sighting a targeted enemy) Finally... 
  • (Retrieval event) So I'm reduced to poking about for whatever the Inquisition desires? 
  • (Entering new zone) I'm ready. Go. 
  • (Calling party) Hey. Over here. 
  • (Calling party) Get over here! 

Sidony and Tamar Edit

  • Sidony: This is ridiculous. Why did I agree to come here? 
  • Tamar: Indeed, why is you here? To test our patience?


  • Sidony: (Disgusted noise.) 
  • Tamar: Do you ever stop your bellyaching?


  • Sidony: Once this is over, the spymaster promised to let me look at her library. 
  • Tamar: Books are just kindling. 


  • Tamar: Your Chantry goes belly up, the Inquisition steps in. Always something to keep the same people in power. 
  • Sidony: There are many kinds of power. 


  • Tamar: The last time I met a group of rebel mages, I let them live. One of them told a funny story.
  • Sidony: Well, aren't you merciful.


  • Tamar: If I survive, I’ll be free. The commander gave his word – I fight for him, and I get to live. 
  • Sidony: (Sighs.) Can we just focus on not dying, right this minute? Please?

Sidony and Rion Edit

  • Rion: You know, this Inquisition? Isn’t as bad as I thought.
  • Sidony: The people on the other hand? Terrible.


  • Rion: When this is over, I hope we mages are given some freedom. After all, isn’t the point to change things?
  • Sidony: Want freedom? Take it. If you wait for someone to give it to you, you will never be free.


  • Rion: Well, how’s everyone doing today?
  • Sidony: Ugh.


  • Sidony: This is ridiculous. Why did I agree to come here? 
  • Rion: The promise of treasure and fine company?


  • Sidony(Disgusted noise.) 
  • Rion: What bothers you this time? Is it the smell of social interaction?


  • Sidony: Once this is over, the spymaster promised to let me look at her library. 
  • Rion: You’ll have to let me know what’s in there!

Sidony and Thornton Edit

  • Sidony(Disgusted noise.) 
  • Thornton: Oh, dear. Your life is awfully hard, isn't it?


  • Sidony: Before we move on, we should decide how to approach this. 
  • Thornton: Try not to die. And try not to hit me.

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