Side Street is the location of a scripted encounter in Dragon Age: Origins.

Involvement Edit

It occurs if the Warden brushed off Ser Landry in Denerim Market District. This encounter is scripted but it can be avoided if you use the World Map to travel to the Market District.

Note: The Honor Bound quest is activated only if you didn't reject the duel with Ser Landry. Therefore, this encounter is not part of any quest.

Enemies Edit

Notable items Edit

Ico mace Engraved MaceEngraved Mace
Veridium (Tier 4)
Requires: 20 strength

Damage: 6.50
Critical chance: 0.65%
Armor penetration: 5.80
Strength modifier: 1.00
Rune slot
+1 dexterity
+1 damage
+5 mental resistance
, source: possible loot from Ser Landry

Notes Edit

  • This encounter is slightly more difficult and rewarding than the one in the Market District. Ser Landry uses one more second and they may be encountered with higher tier items.