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Sickness at the Well is an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card The Fields or The Knight Requests an Audience.

Description Edit

You call for your court physician: a short, pinch-faced man you employed for his steely nerves, not his bedside manner.

"The disease causes a burning fever, loosens the bowels, and - in the worst cases - kills," the physician tells you. "The well's to blame. Can you smell that? Like brine mixed with rotting fruit. Some foulness of the earth has tainted the water."

Available actions Edit


Search the Applewoods for curative herbs
Somewhere in the woods lies the key to cleansing the well.
Difficulty: Scholarship*2
Success: +6 Prosperity
Failure: -6 Prosperity


Order the digging of a new well
Close enough to the village to be convenient, far enough to avoid the corrupted source.
Difficulty: Rulership*2
Success: +5 Clues, +10 Prosperity, +1 Authority, -1 Bag of Royals
Failure: -1 Bag of Royals, -10 Rumors of Revolution, +5 Clues


Disperse the villagers among neighboring manors
You can find them homes where their labour is needed, but it will mean splitting up families and friendships.
+10 Prosperity, -10 Freedom

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