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Showdown is the opening main quest of Act 3 in Dragon Age II.


This quest is automatically acquired at the beginning of Act 3.

Walkthrough Edit

Hawke arrives in Hightown and sees Orsino rallying a crowd against the templars. Meredith walks up to put a stop to Orsino. At this point, you can choose to support Meredith and the templars or Orsino and the mages, or to stay neutral and not favour either. What you decide will have an effect on the quests you receive for Act 3, as well as count towards the 1 of 5 times you side with either the mages or Templars in earning the achievement of "Arcane Defender" or "Mage Hunter" (comparing the resulting quests, the decision for Orsino is clearly more profitable in terms of XP and money). Afterwards, the Grand Cleric Elthina will step in and ask both Orsino and Meredith to leave and you will be free to continue Act 3.

Rewards Edit

Note: You do not get these now; you get them later in Act 3
Note: You do not get these now; you get them later in Act 3
  • Staying neutral: Nothing

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