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Shimmering Shield is a mage spell from the Arcane Warrior specialization in Dragon Age: Origins.

Information Edit

Notes Edit

  • Upkeep is in Mana.
  • Arcane Warrior Spellcasting: The spell can be cast with your weapon(s) drawn.
  • It is possible to completely offset Shimmering Shield's -10 penalty to Combat Mana Regeneration if you choose the correct equipment and skills. Combine any of Wade's Superior Dragon Armor Sets (+2 regen) and Andruil's Blessing (+2 regen) with Cailan's Arms (+5.75 regen) and the second tier Combat Training (+0.5 regen). The aforementioned numbers are from the PC version, on Xbox and PS3, you have more equipment options, as the regen amounts are twice as high (except the +5 set bonus from Cailan's Arms).

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