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For the talent in Dragon Age: Origins, see Shield Bash (Origins).

Shield Bash is a warrior talent from the Weapon and Shield tree in Dragon Age II.

Information Edit

  • Physical damage: 1.7x
  • Physical force: 12x

Upgrades Edit

Shield Bash DA2 Pummel
Requires: Level 6
Shield Bash can be used more frequently, and enemies slammed by the warrior's shield are STAGGERED.

Cooldown: -5s (total: 10s)
STAGGERStaggeredchance: 100% for the primary target
STAGGERStaggeredchance: 40% for normal enemies within range

Notes Edit

  • On Nightmare, Shield Bash can stagger nearby allies. If a friendly fire-capable spell (e.g., upgraded Fist of the Maker) hits a staggered ally, the result is virtually always fatal.
  • Force applied depends upon weapon damage type: a shield wielded with a physical damage weapon will deal physical force while one that deals another type of damage will deal that elemental force. For example, a Shield Bash preformed while wielding Desdemona's Blade will deal out nature force effects instead of physical force.

Gallery Edit

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