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Shattering is a spell combination in Dragon Age: Origins.

Information Edit

Conditions/Spells: Petrify / Cone of Cold / Hand of Winter + Stonefist / Crushing Prison / Critical Hit

Notes Edit

  • As of patch 1.03, enemies of Lieutenant rank and above cannot be shattered.
  • Critical hits can be from Arrow of Slaying, Critical Shot, Slam, Shred, Overpower, Riposte, Cripple, Punisher, Mighty Blow and Critical Strike.
  • It should be noted that rogues with Coup De Grace talent are unable to shatter opponents in melee combat, as all their attacks against incapacitated targets are turned into backstabs, which, despite dealing critical damage, do not count as actual critical hits; even strikes which should technically guarantee landing a critical hit (e.g. stealth attack, Pinpoint Strike) will not work. Therefore, if you plan on utilizing this spell combination on a rogue, you must either resort to using a ranged weapon (since Coup De Grace doesn't proc on them) or not pick up the Coup De Grace talent at all.

See also Edit

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