Sharper White Claws is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The White Claws won't be happy that their traps were destroyed. Senior raiders will likely investigate, providing an ideal moment to take them out.

Acquisition Edit

The quest is given by Frederic after completing the Hunting Patterns quest.

Walkthrough Edit

Find and destroy 5 White Claw traps. They are found in the south-most area of The Western Approach, just north of the Cave at the end of the trail for the On the Chantry Trail quest. Shortly after the last trap is destroyed, a group of level 13 White Claw raiders, led by a level 15 White Claw Poachers Leader, will rush in and attack. Defeat them and return to Frederic to complete the quest.

Rewards Edit

  • 967 XP
  • 200 Influence
  • 2 Power

Bug Edit

If Sharper White Claws has advanced to the point where the White Claw Raiders have been killed, but the quest not turned in to Frederic (with the dialogue "The raiders are dead."), turning in the translated manuscript for A Manuscript of Some Authority will make him assume that this quest has been completed, removing the dialogue option to complete it. It will remain incomplete in the journal, with no reward granted, while advancing the quest chain to The Abyssal High Dragon.