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For the headquarters of the Shaperate, see Orzammar Shaperate.

The Shaperate is a peculiarly dwarven institution, a kind of organic library. The dwarves consider that those who walk the path of the Shaperate and document lore, history, and events in the Stone via the Memories will eventually be blessed by the Shaperate.[1] The members of the Shaperate are historians, scholars, judges, genealogists and philosophers among the dwarves. Their task is considered to be extremely important—almost sacred.

Shapers are supposed to be apolitical, devoted solely to their work maintaining the Memories, but this is, of course, impossible.

The functions of the Shaperate Edit

The main role of the Shaperate of Memories is to record (in lyrium) the Memories: the authoritative collection of information on dwarven society spanning thousands of years. On a daily basis, they oversee births, marriages and death records.[2] Based on this information, the Shaperate can trace lineages, determine what land is owned by which family, and so on.[3] Several codex entries are attributed to various Shaperate members.[4]

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Shapers are expected to venture far and wide to gain knowledge with which to add to the Memories.[1] This may involve entering the Deep Roads to search abandoned thaigs for forgotten lore where they may conduct excavations,[5][6] even fighting darkspawn if that is what it takes to gain the knowledge they seek. All knowledge of dwarven history and current events is considered of value and Shapers are expected by their peers and the traditions of the Shaperate to seek it out.

The Shaperate is the main source of learning in Orzammar, and as such is critical to the research of dwarven scholars. Dwarves of any caste can also make use of the Shaperate archives,[7] perhaps even the casteless are permitted inside.[8] Some scholars have noble patronage, conducting extended research on a particular house in return for support and protection.[9] The shapers also specialize in enchantments.[10]

Furthermore, the Shaperate of Memories regulates the changes in Orzammar's structure and society.[11] For example, the Shaperate decides whether or not to sanction a place of worship dedicated to anything other than the Paragons.[12]

Since they are considered apolitical and objective, members are called upon to act as judges in disputes. However, in extremely sensitive matters—such as the murder of a member of the royal family, or determining whether a dwarf shall be declared a Paragon—such responsibilities fall to the Assembly.

Note that what the Shaperate records is the truth according to the Shaperate and it is not necessarily the unvarnished reality. The Shaperate has the authority to strike from the Memories anything "unworthy" or against the interests of dwarven society. For example, the Shaperate never records anything related to the casteless, not even recording the births of casteless children. It also strikes from all records any dwarf who is branded a traitor by the Assembly, maintaining that the dwarf in question never existed. In addition, Shapers with blood ties to nobles can be influenced to omit records that are inconvenient to their house.

Finally, the Shaperate of Golems is responsible for the maintenance and governance of Orzammar's golems.[13]

Structure Edit

Shaper's Life

A Shaperate cataloger

The order of the Shapers is dedicated to preserving the history and collective knowledge of the dwarves; as such there are different kinds of Shapers to maintain the different branches of information.[14] Not much is known about the hierarchy and structure of the Shaperate, but there are at least two "divisions": the Shaperate of Memories and the Shaperate of Golems.[15] A lesser known third branch of the Shaperate has also come to light, the Shaperate of Stone.[14]

The Shaper of Memories leads the Shaperate of Memories[11] and may also be part of the nobility since he is addressed as "Lord Shaper." This title may simply be an honorific and not intentionally indicative of nobility. This is the most prominent branch of the Shaperates, perhaps owing to its privileged location in Orzammar.

The Shaper of Golems is the leader of the Shaperate of Golems. This Shaperate is largely defunct with the dearth of golems in modern day.

The Shaper of Stone leads the Shaperate of Stone, which keeps records of work and marriage and other domestic information.

Known positions within the Shaperate of Memories are:

  • Shaper of Memories
  • Shaper
  • Shaper Assistant
  • Scholar
  • Shaperate Scribe
  • Shaperate Cataloger

Known members Edit

Shapers Signpost

A signpost in the Shaperate

Known Shapers of Memories Edit

Notes Edit

See also Edit

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Ico greatsword Shaperate's BlessingShaperate's Blessing
Silverite (Tier 6)
Requires: 34 strength

Damage: 16.50
Critical chance: 2.25%
Armor penetration: 5.25
Strength modifier: 1.10
Rune slot Rune slot
+2.5 armor penetration
+6 attack

Ico mace Shaperate's BlessingShaperate's Blessing
Silverite (Tier 6)
Requires: 28 strength

Damage: 7.50
Critical chance: 0.75%
Armor penetration: 7.00
Strength modifier: 1.00
Rune slot Rune slot
+4 attack

Ico staff Shaperate's BlessingShaperate's Blessing
Silverite (Tier 6)
Requires: 32 magic

Damage: 6.00 (Cold)
Armor penetration: 35.00
+2 willpower
+0.5/+1.0 mana regeneration in combat
+10% cold damage

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