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Map of the Area

The Shadowy Crypt is a tomb within the Blackmarsh Undying. This is the entrance to the Blackmarsh village while inside the Fade version of Blackmarsh.

Involvement Edit

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“I do not seek to rule my brethren. I only seek to release them from their chains.” — The Architect
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After entering, the Warden-Commander will meet a young lady in trouble. After following her they discover that she was in fact a Hunger demon in disguise. The Warden-Commander can either fight the demon or coerce it into standing down.



Ico Quest A Maiden in Distress
Ico Quest Shadows of the Blackmarsh

Special objects


  • Essence of Cunning
  • Essence of Magic
  • Essence of Constitution (open the coffin in the room with A Maiden in Distress)


  • The skeletons here typically rise from the corpses on the ground or emerge from coffins. This is triggered by proximity. However, if they can detect no characters (e.g., a single Rogue under Stealth entered the room), then some will not activate. However, the minimap may still show all skeletons -- even those not activated and which therefore cannot be interacted with.