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Severin Corwood is the member of the Mages' Collective who guards their cache of items in the Denerim market. He is a minor character in the Leliana's Song DLC for Dragon Age: Origins.

Involvement Edit

In the quest Find the Mages' Cache, Leliana discovers evidence that an organization of mages known as the Mages' Collective has hidden a cache of items in Denerim's market. Should Leliana attempt to claim this cache for herself she will find it defended by this elite mage and his golem.

Drops Edit

Plt ico signet ring2 Mages' Collective SignetMages' Collective Signet
A signet ring that bears the seal of the secretive Mages' Collective. Anyone suspected of membership in such a group would be judged harshly.

+2 magic
+10 spellpower

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