Serault is Imperiled! is a menace card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It can be drawn if Serault's Peril reaches 75 and is removed if Peril drops below 75.

Description Edit

Lawlessness reigns. Outlaws, thieves, and worse beset the land and call themselves its kings.

Available actions Edit


The common folk huddle in their homes
They fear for their lives.
-10 Freedom


Word of Serault's lawlessness spreads
What sort of ruler cannot enforce their own law?
-10 Dignity


The flow of taxes becomes a trickle
The peasants have little to pay their taxes with, and what they do pay doesn't always reach your castle.
-(5 to 10) Prosperity


You ride out in person, night after night
Though you do what you can to keep the roads safe, the exertion takes its toll.
-X Derring-Do