Send For is a pinned action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It allows you to summon any subject of your choice, rather than waiting for it to appear by chance. This is accomplished at the cost of authority.

Description Edit

The Marquis of Serault extends greetings and felicitations, and looks forward to your attendance at the earliest possible opportunity...

Available Actions Edit


Send for The Acerbic Dowager
She has rooms in the Chateau Serault, and need only descend the stairs. But she often pleads indisposition.
(uses 2 action)
-1 Authority
The Acerbic Dowager


Send for The Elegant Abbess
The Abbey of the Bans is a good distance away: but her business, and her family, often bring her to town.
(uses 2 action)
-1 Authority
The Elegant Abbess


Send for The Wayward Bard
He had better not be drunk.
(uses 2 action)
-1 Authority
The Wayward Bard


Send for The Cheery Baron
He'll never admit that he came at your call, but he will come.
(uses 2 action)
-1 Authority
The Cheery Baron


Send for The Kindly Knight
Of them all, he is the most biddable.
(uses 2 action)
The Kindly Knight


Send for The Purveyor of Teas
Is he late again? Issue a warrant for his arrest. That'll get his attention.
(uses 2 action)
-1 Authority
The Purveyor of Teas


Send for The Well-Read Pig Farmer
Most pig farmers would rush to attend you. She's a little less eager to please.
(uses 2 action)
-1 Authority
The Well-Read Pig Farmer


Send for The Silent Hunter
He's a loyal subject. But he can be hard to find. You'll need to organise a search.
(uses 2 action)
-2 Authority
The Silent Hunter


Send for The Smiling Guildmistress
The guild is just across the river.
(uses 2 action)
-2 Authority
The Smiling Guildmistress

Once Good Neighbors has been completed...


Send for His Dour Lordship
His Lordship is careful of his dignity. Don't summon him idly.
Requires Good Neighbors
(uses 2 action)
-2 Authority
His Dour Lordship