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Secret Meeting Place map

Map of the area

The Secret Meeting Place is a is a repurposed section of the Kirkwall Docks currently being used as a gathering place by an unidentified conspiracy. It is located in the southwest Docks at night, and accessible only during the Act 3 main quest Best Served Cold.

Splr da2
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for Dragon Age II.



  • Templar
  • Templar Archer
  • Templar Hunter
  • Templar Lieutenant
  • Circle Mage
  • Enchanter

Notable items

Longsword red DA2 Blade of MercyBlade of Mercy
- chest in east side of main room
Heavy armor green DA2 Sigil of the Mage UndergroundSigil of the Mage Underground
Companion armor upgrade

Rune slot
Extra rune slot
- crate in northwest room
Ring gold DA2 Three Wolf BoonThree Wolf Boon

+2% critical chance
+5% critical damage
+3% physical damage
- looted from Enchanter
Secret Meeting Place outside

View from outside


  • Complex chest - northeast hallway
  • Crate - southern room, western dock, upstairs southern railing
  • Barrel - northeast room

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