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Save the Ogre is a side quest in The Darkspawn Chronicles DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. It is available as part of the main quest Storm the Gates. Rescue the wounded ogre from the crossbowmen that have it surrounded and then recruit it as your thrall.

Walkthrough Edit

Once you have completed Earn Respect in Battle and cleared the area of enemies, head to the marker in the center of the map. There you will find the ogre near a set of barricades and several crossbowmen. Once all the crossbowman are defeated, cast Enthrall on the ogre to recruit it.

Result Edit

The Ogre (thrall) is now a member of your party.

Notes Edit

  • You must recruit this ogre as soon as possible, at least before this quest is completed, and keep it alive and in your party, respectively re-enthrall it, throughout the entire DLC campaign in order to earn the Ogre's Keeper achievement.

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