Sabin is a miner employed at the Bone Pit.

Background Edit

Sabin is from the town of Lothering and claims to have grown up with Hawke and to have known Hawke's father, Malcolm, and mother, Leandra Amell. During the Fifth Blight, Sabin fled to the city of Kirkwall and lived in Lowtown. He got a job working for Hubert that involved him mining in the Bone Pit.

Involvement Edit

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The interrogation

Sabin's interrogation

Sabin is involved in the quest Inside Job.

Sabin is Brekker's informant at the Bone Pit and has been selling information regarding cargo shipment schedules heading to the Bone Pit in order to allow them to be stolen by Brekker's branch of the Coterie. Hubert finds out about it and asks Hawke to interrogate him.

During questioning, if Hawke requests Sabin return the money to his employer, he will reveal the crate where he stores his earnings, called "Sabin's Stash", which contains a few copper and silver coins. This is located along the path going down to the Bone Pit itself (the open space), still blocked by boulders.

Depending on Hawke's decision, Sabin can be sent to prison, executed by Lilley or released either with or without the provision of reimbursing Hubert.