Saartoh Bas-Tic Eva is a generic staff in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

  • Random loot from a corpse in the Wounded Coast during Act 3. It is located at the southern island, on the high ground of the middle path where the road splits into 3.
  • Randomly sold in Sandal's Store in Act 3 during The Last Straw.

Notes Edit

  • This item is randomly generated in stores or containers upon entering the map where it is located, or upon defeating an enemy. Its attributes are scaled to Hawke's level.
  • Saartoh Bas-Tic Eva is possibly a former Saarebas weapon, belonging to one of the Tal-Vashoth that inhabited the Wounded Coast.
  • The name has been retconned by World of Thedas 2[1]. The correct name is now Saartoh-Bas Tic Eva, and roughly translates to "novice mage staff that deals cold damage."

References Edit

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