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Ruvena is a templar recruit.

Background Edit

Ruvena along with Hugh, Paxley, Wilmod and Keran are new templar recruits in the Templar Order in Kirkwall.

Involvement Edit

Ruvena is in involved in the quest Enemies Among Us.

She, along with Paxley, are unsure about whether they should help Hawke find missing recruits. However, Paxley is worried that Meredith is making new recruits undergo a ritual in which templars who fail are killed.

Ruvena does not believe this and declares that Wilmod has left the city to "clear his head."

Result Edit

Ruvena along with Hugh, Paxley, and Keran (if he is allowed to keep his position) three years later are seen in the Gallows Courtyard as full pledged templars.

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