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Rune of Valiance is an armor rune in Dragon Age II. This rune provides a bonus of +2 to all attributes. A piece of armor can only bear one of these runes. Although it could be applied to every worn piece of armor (i.e., chestpiece, boots, gloves, helmet), the effects aren't cumulative and the bonus is only given once to a character.

Acquisition Edit

Notes Edit

  • It is advisable to put this rune into your weakest piece of armor (typically gloves for Hawke, shield for Aveline), since it will give the +2 attribute bonus regardless of the armor base value. This will save the rune slots on more powerful armor for other runes that benefit from higher values.
  • Prior to patch pcIcon pc1.03 (console 1.02), the value of the bonus given to attributes depended on the quality of the armor. On the best armor, it could provide +7 to every attribute.

Crafting Edit

Recipe Makes Ingredients
Rune of Valiance
Rune of Valiance
Dragon's Blood