Serault's soil is loamed with sorcery. Hedge mages bloom here, and they are roses, not weeds - I'll not uproot them on the Chantry's say-so. ―the Shame of Serault

Rumors of Apostacy is an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card The Baron Waits Impatiently.

Description Edit

The Baron says "My western villagers blame the woods-folk. They swap children for sickly changelings, it's said, and boil up storms in a copper kettle when the moon is black. I'd call it peasant superstition, but last week a farmer brought a calf to my hall. The thing was born with two heads - one of them endlessly sleeping, the other mad as your great-grandfather, Maker spare his damned soul."

Untrained mages, the Chantry say, are a danger. A beacon for the demons that slink and hunger behind the Veil.

Available actions Edit

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Investigate the accusations and drive off the culprits.
The Shame's appetite for forbidden magic was his end, and almost Serault's.
Difficulty: Scholarship*6/5
Success: -4 Twilight, +3 Clues
Failure: -4 Freedom, +2 Clues


Ignore the allegations
Nine times out of ten, accusations like this are motivated by jealousy. Why raise your own hand to your enemy when the Chantry's is clad in mail, and holds a sword?
Difficulty: Rulership*2
Success: +10 Dignity
Failure: +10 Twilight