Ruined Blade is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

There is a legendary elven sword rumored to be found within an overgrown ruin on the edge of the Arbor Wilds.

Acquisition Edit

Obtained by reading an elf's journal which is found on a corpse in a camp north-east of Valeska's Watch in Emprise du Lion, near the edge of a cliff. [Map]

Walkthrough Edit

  • Fast travel to the Cradle of Sulevin which appears on the World Map following the completion of the war table
    Ruined blade-0
    scouting operation Rumors of the Sulevin Blade
  • Locate and light the veilfire that is directly to the left of the first altar
  • Hold the veilfire over the altar and take the first object
  • Defeat the revenant and loot it to acquire the weapon fragment
  • Repeat with the other three altars
  • Go to Dagna at Skyhold and ask to repair the sword. This will complete the quest.

Notes Edit

Rewards Edit

On collecting the fourth sword piece:

  • 500 Influence

On completing the quest:

  • 10,152 XP
  • 2,000 Influence
  • 3 Power

Notable Items Edit

  • You receive Sulevin Blade icon Sulevin BladeSulevin Blade
    Unique Greatsword
    "Sulevin" is elven for "purpose." For the Dalish, that purpose is finding a new homeland. Keepers collect ancient lore and use it to create the weapons for a future war: to conquer a homeland or to defend it.
    Requires: Level 20

    Damage: 270–282 AoE
    +11% Armor Penetration
    +42 Strength
    Chance to cast Pull of the Abyss on a hit
    once you take the sword pieces to Dagna.
  • Superb Spirit Rune schematic icon Superb Spirit Rune SchematicSuperb Spirit Rune Schematic
    Rune Schematic
    Adds spirit damage to each weapon strike.
    is found with veilfire at the rear of the Starlight Chambers, right side behind a locked door.
  • A piece of the Freed Are Slaves mosaic is also found in this room.

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