Map-Rocky Road

Map of the area

The Rocky Road is the location of a random encounter, where elven scouts are defending against darkspawn.

Background Edit

This World map encounter occurs when travelling after completion of Nature of the Beast (if the Warden sided with the elves). Upon arrival, a darkspawn assault against an elven scout position will commence.

  • Cleansing Aura is very effective for helping keep the Elven scouts alive.

Allies Edit


One of the Elven Scouts defending the Rocky Road

Enemies Edit

Notable items Edit

Tre ico quartz QuartzQuartz
A milky white stone of remarkable strength.
Tre ico sapphire SapphireSapphire
A star-cut sapphire, almost the color of the night sky.
Rgt ico elfroot ElfrootElfroot
The common name for canavaris, this herb actually has little to do with elves other than being commonly collected and traded to outsiders by the Dalish. It is the primary ingredient in many healing salves.

Use: Chewing elfroot restores a small amount of health, and those with skill can use elfroot to make more potent elixirs.

Notes Edit

  • The shrieks can decimate the scouts. It's best to take them out first to save the scouts.
  • The scouts appear to be wearing armor similar to the Ancient Elven Armor Set.
  • This battle is particularly easy if you have Paralysis Explosion. Almost all darkspawn will be affected and due to their low rank, they go down very quickly under concentrated fire (shrieks notwithstanding.) Also, as all genlocks and hurlocks are archers, they will remain in the same spot, making them sitting ducks for AoE like Blizzard or Inferno.

See also Edit

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