It took two days to return from Pastulaire, for the road reeled like a drunkard. I thought of replacing it with a wide, straight route like those that score the Imperium: raised above the rains and flagstoned in white like a chantry altar. But I'd not trade those two days for all the gilt in Val Royeaux. The dappled sunlight. The cheery songs of peasants in the field. Barley, rippling like a sea of gold. ―the Shame of Serault

Road and River is a basic action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. Not all associated actions are available every draw.

Description Edit

Travellers on Serault's sun-baked roads and white rivers are scarce, and must be protected.

Available actions Edit


An upsurge in banditry
Half the cases your court heard this week were of travellers accosted on the roads. They want compensation. They want justice.
+2 Peril
Outlaws Plague the Roads


The merchant bows before your court
"I have travelled all the way from Val Chevin, your Grace. Through Montfort and Ghislain, then across the Nahashin Marshes. Which, incidentally, I cannot commend."
+2 Peril
The Merchant


Your bailiff returns to the castle beaten, bleeding and empty-handed
Two guards carry him on a pallet. He tries to stand when you approach. "Forgive me, your Grace. They took the tax-coffers."
-2 Dignity
Your Bailiff is Attacked


An urgent report from your border guard
"Your Grace! A company of mercenaries has entered Serault!"
+2 Peril
The Free Company


Challenge a bandit-champion to a duel
(Requires 100 Peril)
The outlaw-clans are treacherous, crafty and cruel, but most of all they are proud.
Difficulty: Derring-Do*6/7
Success: +1 Trophy, -50 Peril, -2 Authority
Failure: -20 Peril, -(6 to 9) Health, -5 Authority