No ash, no glass! It's as simple as that. Something has to be done about these pirates. ―The Smiling Guildmistress

River-Pirates is an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card Glass or A Meeting with the Outlaw.

Description Edit

Serault's recent prosperity has attracted predators. Pirates have begun to prey on vessels travelling up the river. Several of the lost ships carried soda ash, which the glassmakers need to practice their craft. The Smiling Guildmistress appeals for your intervention, as does the Dashing Outlaw.

You ask the Outlaw what her interest is. "Well it's your river," she says. "Just thought you'd be interested." You point out it's your forest, too, and that doesn't stop her swanning about like she owns it. She laughs. "All right. Let's say I don't need the competition. And I don't like getting my feet wet."

Available actions Edit


Tighten the policing of the river
Search boats. Require legitimate travellers buy writs of passage. Chase down vessels that can't prove their business. Pay for all of it with increased tolls.
Difficulty: Rulership*2
Success: +20 Prosperity, -10 Freedom
Failure: -10 Freedom, +10 Prosperity


Hire mercenaries and lay a trap for the river-pirates
A few fat merchant-barges, their holds stuffed with armed men of cruel intention and ill-temper...
Difficulty: Cunning*2
Success: -1 Bag of Royals, +30 Prosperity
Failure: -1 Bag of Royals, +10 Prosperity, +2 Peril


Wait them out
There's little you can do. The pirates vanish at the first sign of danger.
-10 Prosperity, +5 Clues