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Ring of Whispers is a ring in Dragon Age II, available as a DLC.

Description Edit

"Listen, do you hear it? A soft swish, barely audible. No? Some hear it, some don't - well, not right away. But in the end, everyone does. It comes from this ring. 'Old as creation,' the Dalish I bought it from said. You can see the Circle's marks right here, barely. When I heard the sound the first night, I grabbed my sword and called out, 'Intruder!' But there was no one. Just the ring. Did some research after that. A mad Formari made it. It's powerful, to be sure. One scholar thought that if you could only make out the whispers, you'd learn... something. The ring was pried out of his hands, and he begged and pleaded that they return it. He claimed he could almost hear it, understand it. One thing's for certain: there's more to this ring than meets the eye."
- The last recorded words of Arl Theo Renly before his apparent suicide in South Foxlington

Acquisition Edit

This item can be unlocked for free by anyone with a BioWare Social Network account. See here for more information.

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