Rica Brosca is a casteless dwarf, the half-sister[1] of the Dwarf Commoner and daughter of Kalah Brosca. Like her sibling, she is also under the thumb of the crime lord Beraht working as a noble hunter.

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Beraht considers Rica one of his many "investments", as he is paying for her education, clothing, make-up, dental work, speech lessons, and the like. Beraht impatiently expects her to attract a noble-caste patron and bear him a son. If she does this she will be elevated to the caste of her patron's house, and Beraht intends to claim her as a family member, thus enjoying elevation in status himself.

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for Dragon Age: Origins.

Rica will appear in both the Dwarf Commoner and Dwarf Noble Origin. She is currently trying to conceive a male child for a noble, which will be to Beraht's benefit, as well as her own. Under the dwarven caste system, a child inherits the caste of its same-gender parent. A male child fathered by a noble would be of the noble caste and it is customary for the family of the child's mother (including "Uncle" Beraht) to be brought into the noble's household.

In the Dwarf Noble Origin, she appears named as "Mistress" and will reveal that the noble she is seeing is in fact Prince Bhelen Aeducan. During the quests in Orzammar, after gaining access to the Royal Palace, you can find a letter to Rica in the palace. It is also possible to hear several Orzammar residents speaking with disdain about the fact that Bhelen is involved with a casteless woman, though it's made out to be a common enough practice in Orzammar. Harrowmont's crier, specifically, may mention this as one of Bhelen's shortcomings.

If playing as the Dwarf Commoner (and thus as her brother or sister) she will find you as soon as you return to Orzammar and have entered the Diamond Quarter, excitedly telling you that she has borne Bhelen a son (named Endrin after Bhelen's deceased father) and that she and your mother are now living in the Royal Palace as she became a royal concubine to House Aeducan. She will take you directly to Vartag Gavorn in the hopes that you, as a Grey Warden, can help resolve the succession problem. While it is possible to decline Vartag at this time and instead side with Harrowmont, opting to do so will crush Rica. The Dwarf Commoner also has the option to ask from Harrowmont to not treat their half sister badly should he become king. Harrowmont, who wasn't aware of this connection, agrees to the request.

Rica will also appear in the epilogue should the Warden be a Dwarf Commoner. If the Warden survives the final battle, she will be there as an ambassador and tell the Warden that they are now part of the Warrior caste and will possibly become a Paragon. If Harrowmont became King, Rica will say that Bhelen's death worked out for the best: she's glad she doesn't have a man to boss her about and her son is still the heir of House Aeducan. If Bhelen lives she will still be his concubine. However at the Winter Palace, the representatives from Orzammar will discuss the Warden if they were a dwarf commoner and Bhelen rules and will mention that King Bhelen wishes for all of Orzammar to venerate his wife's family.

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  • (about Beraht) "I can only imagine the horrible things he's made you do."
  • (about mother) "I think the moss-wine's finally rotted her brains."

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  1. Based on dialog with Rica about the Dwarf Commoner's father in which Rica refers to him as "your father", in the Dwarf Commoner Origin.