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An entire unit of men, all slain by one creature. I didn't believe it at first, your Perfection, but it appears that this is so. We have a survivor, and while at first I thought his rantings pure exaggeration... it appears to be no simple skeleton. The descriptions of the creature's abilities were eerily similar to those our brothers at Marnas Pell encountered almost a century ago: men pulled through the air to skewer themselves on the creature's blade, and attacks so quick that it was able to assault multiple opponents at once. No, your Perfection, what we have here is indeed a revenant and nothing less. ―From a letter to Divine Amara III, 5:71 Exalted[1]

A revenant is a form of undead that is created when a powerful demon, usually of desire or pride, possesses a corpse. They have access to some forms of magic, usually of utilitarian nature, which assist its primarily-martial fighting style.

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Eleven revenants can be found during the campaign, as a part of four separate quests:

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Edit

It is possible to encounter revenants in the Blackmarsh after escaping the Fade. The various Fade Portals spawn various undead and demonic enemies, including revenants, though at this point in the game they are only Elite level and far easier to dispatch than their boss-level, Origins counterparts.

The Golems of Amgarrak Edit

Dragon Age II Edit

Miscellaneous Revenants can be found during the game, including:

Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

Skills Edit

Revenants have five different skills, and like party members, have conditions for their Combat Tactics:

Skill Used Condition Use Chance
Spell-AuraofWeakness icon Aura of Weakness Any 100%
Shred Double Strike Surrounded by at least 2 enemies 50%
Surrounded by at least 3 enemies 75%
Surrounded by at least 4 enemies 100%
Mass Ico Pull Pull Most enemies using ranged attacks 100%
Most enemies using magic 100%
Combat start 100%
Ico Pull Pull Short–medium range 100%
Medium–long range 100%
Talent wns shieldwall Shield Wall Mana or Stamina ≤50% 50%

Other statistics Edit

Revenants have the following characteristics:

  • High Armor, Health, and Regeneration.
  • Immunity to Stunning and knockdowns.
  • Immunity to Cold and Nature damage, although they can be frozen.
  • Immunity to +X damage vs. undead effects (Cold Iron runes, Topsider's Honor).
  • Vulnerability to Fire damage; normal reaction to Spirit, Lightning, and (despite the Codex text) Physical damage.
  • Highly resistant or immune to flanking and backstabbing.
  • Good Defense but comparatively low attack rating.

Some of their basic strategies involve:

  • Pulling or Mass Pulling ranged attackers and healers.
  • Damaging multiple opponents in melee.
  • Killing weaker party members in one blow (spiking).
  • Wearing down the party with their allies (skeletons or lesser darkspawn).

Strategy Edit

Main article: Revenant (strategy)

Gallery Edit

See also Edit

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References Edit

  1. Codex entry: Revenant

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