Rendon Howe
Level 19
Hit points: 0
Mana/Stamina: 0
Attack: 0
Defense: 0
Armor: 0
Damage per normal attack: 0
Armor penetration: 0
Spell Resistance: 0
Mental Resistance: 0
Physical Resistance: 0
Fire Resistance: 0
Cold Resistance: 0
Electricity Resistance: 0
Nature Resistance: 0
Spirit Resistance: 0
Special Attacks:
Immunities: none

Arl Rendon Howe is encountered in the dungeon of the Arl of Denerim's Estate during the quest Rescue the Queen.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Howe is a Boss-ranked dual-wielding rogue, with the Assassin specialization. Keep this in mind as he will cast Mark of Death almost immediately into the battle, softening up his target for his backup of two warriors and two mages. The mages have healing magic, which they will use on Howe to keep his health up.

Strategy Edit

By this point in the game, your party should have several crowd-control abilities, particularly those that are strong enough even to disable Howe while you eliminate his help.

  • Alistair's tanking abilities are useful, but wholly unnecessary, if you wish to keep him out of the next quest.
  • Morrigan should have Force Field to disable Howe, as well as Cone of Cold for his support team. If she has continued in the Mind Blast tree, she'll have Telekinetic Weapons to boost armor penetration on the warriors, and Crushing Prison as well.
  • Leliana should have unlocked all of her Archery talents by now. Scattershot can be useful, provided it doesn't affect your party, and Arrow of Slaying is her strongest weapon. Shattering Shot will compromise the warriors' armor.
  • Oghren and Sten should have mastered their Two-handed trees by now. Either one will do with Tier 6 or 7 equipment.
  • Wynne provides support, as usual, but a sufficiently developed party will not need her support skills.
  • Zevran can match Howe blow-for-blow, but Howe wins due to higher health. Leave him home. However, if his constitution has been boosted substantially and Zevran is equipped with quality armor and weapons, he can fight Howe on even terms.

Ultimately, the knowledge of Dragon Age combat you've honed over the four main quests will fare better than any specific combination of companions, talents, and gear. Suppress Howe long enough to eliminate the mages (who will cast glyphs to keep you away), then send one character to take each warrior while two work together to defeat Howe. If you're a Human Noble, you may even wish to have your allies fight his supporters while you fight him one-on-one. Make sure to use health poultices at regular intervals if you elect for this route, and play defensively to wait out the Mark of Death if necessary before unleashing your abilities.